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If you love working K9s like Jackson does, then you know we couldn't forget all the amazing Military Working Dogs out there! This coin pays homage to them. It represents the special dogs that are out there serving our country and the incredible handlers that are with them in harms way. This coin shows Jackson and Chase geared up and ready to fight the good fight on one side and the special paw print logo that represents Chase and puzzle pieces representing Jackson. The quote you'll find on this special coin is from the one and only General James "Mad Dog" Mattis. It reads; " I don't loose any sleep at night over the potential for failure I can not even spell the word." We hope it inspires you to go boldly into whatever comes your way! Just like our #wardog patch and sticker, the proceeds are in support of Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc who make sure both ends of the leash of our forward deployed military K9s are supported via care packages.

War Dog Challenge Coin

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