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Giving Back

If you were to find a way inside Jackson’s mind you would find images and snippets of moving pictures of himself and Chase. Dig a little deeper into his imaginings and you’d see him the way he sees himself; as a badge wearing, good guy with his brave and trusty sidekick, Chase, off on adventures and doing great things. One of Jackson’s favorite hobbies, if he can’t see police officers and K9s in person, is to scour social media for K9 accounts. Fortunately, there isn’t a shortage of them! He is fascinated with watching them work, watching them play and do all the things working dogs do.



The K9 community, and law enforcement officers and military working dog handlers, have been amazing to Jackson and Chase. It is because of the outpouring of support from the K9 community that we felt compelled to giveback. So much so that in the beginning of 2019 we decided to take the love that Jackson has for working dogs and the desire to help them where we can to form A Boy And His Dog, LLC. We knew we wanted to help, even if only in small financial donations or even thru the means of equipment. Our reason for becoming an LLC vice a non-profit is simple; like Jackson we want to support whatever way we can and being able to be a not-for-profit business vice a non-profit organization gives us the flexibility to fundraise without locking us into a singular mission. Through the sales of #CHASEGEAR we are able to fundraise for worthy causes for Jackson’s beloved K9s. He is passionate about helping to keep good guys safe while they work to keep the rest of us safe. Our mission is inclusion for all people, love to all, and service to all. Who knew a dog could prompt the start of such big things?

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