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West Windsor Police Department K9 Mackey

One of the first ways that Jackson wanted to give back was to help provide ballistic vests for police k9s. If you have checked out our section “ABOUT US” you will see where we started. The first recipient, thanks to all the funds generated from the sales of the original Chase patch, was K9 Mackey of the West Windsor Police Department in New Jersey. We first interacted with K9 Mackey’s handler via instagram by complete hap chance. We were their 1400th follower to their instagram page and had no idea that they secretly had a contest going. The humans behind Mackey’s account, Officer Doug Montgomery and his wife Tracy sent Jackson a special package including some really neat WWPD items. From there on, Jackson received phone calls and FaceTimes from Officer Montgomery. He even gave Jackson a tour of the police department during one particular FaceTime call. Because of the bond that formed between Officer Montgomery and Jackson as well as the interest Jackson took in police K9s, he knew that he wanted to help to keep Mackey safe.  We feel so fortunate that our followers believed in Jackson enough to help him reach this goal and that they too, saw the need to help giveback to the K9 community by means of keeping Mackey safe!

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