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K9s of Valor

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One of the best part about the K9 community is how much love and support there is for the incredible K9s that selflessly go to work and do so much for not only their human partners but for their communities and nation in our police departments and military. One of the amazing nonprofits we found was K9s of Valor. They are a 501c nonprofit dedicated to helping fill the gaps in K-9 unit funding through donations of life saving equipment, grants and supplies to help ensure the safety of law enforcement K9s across the country.


A need that we see a lot of is not just life saving Canine IFAK (individual first aid kits) but the necessary training to ensure handlers are able to implement their using to full intention which could mean the difference between life and death of their 4 legged partners. Because of this need we wanted to support giving not only the C-IFAKs but also help handlers get the best training possible.


Thanks to the amazing support we received from our followers we were able to donate $2,000.00 to this amazing nonprofit through the sales of our Everything is Pawsome packs. We hope that because of this donation, more handlers have the tools and the knowledge to keep their K9s safe!

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