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Growl Gear Collaboration

One of the first accounts on instagram that Jackson happened upon was the company Their iconic logo, a K9 punisher skull, coupled with their motto struck a chord immediately with Jackson. In the mornings you could hear Jackson amp himself up by running thru the downstairs of our house before his therapy sessions with Chase excitedly running behind him, screaming “NO GROWL! NO GLORY!” From the first patches we received in the mail from this Police K9 Handler owned company to seeing all the ways they give back, we knew we had to find a way to collaborate.


Our autism paw print logo coupled with Growl Gear’s logo were the perfect match up side by side with their slogan on a blue banner symbolizing the men and women in blue who serve our communities day in and day out is everything Jackson loves. In combining efforts for this limited edition patch set we were able to successfully donate $300 to and $300 to We appreciate Growl Gear so much for coming together with us to giveback to two causes near and dear to our hearts!

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