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Heart of Gold


Our current fundraiser through K9s of Valor is Jackson’s most ambitious yet. He is working very hard to provide the Chula Vista Police Department’s 6 K9s with the protection they need to be safe while on the job just like their human partners in the form of ballistic vests. The city of Chula Vista is in San Diego County, California approximately 10 miles north of the Mexico/USA border. These K9s are essential in apprehending violent, dangerous or armed criminals to ultimately keep all of their human partners safe, and deploy with the SWAT team for high risk missions on top of their day to day interactions with other officers in their own jurisdiction as well as other jurisdictions during traffic stops. Because of the potential dangers of the job, these K9s need the protection that a ballistic vest provides. It is puncture/stab proof as well as providing protection from gunshot wounds. Like many smaller departments, CVPD doesn’t have the means to provide these vests from departmental funds. This was definitely where Jackson saw a need and wants to support ensuring his K9 friends have what they need to continue to be safe as well as protect and serve the citizens of Chula Vista. Through every purchase of Chase Gear items on our webpage, we get closer and closer of reaching our goal to provide these lifesaving vests. Each vest is approximately $2,800 a piece. Direct donations can also be made via K9s Of Valor’s webpage at the link below.


We continue to be blown away by the outpouring of support from our social media friends and through generous donors who, like Jackson, have a heart for giving to the amazing K9s that serve our communities. Thank you for your support! Be Safe!

Direct donation link -  Help Jackson and Chase — The K9s of Valor Foundation

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