Honoring Corporal Walton

This is World War II Veteran, CPL Sidney Walton. You may have seen him on the news locally in California as well as elsewhere like CNN and FoxNews. Sidney is 101yrs old and he is on a mission to raise awareness about the rapidly declining number of World War II Veterans, who like himself, sacrificed so much for their country. He has set out in what has become his “No Regrets Tour” where he has visited 28 out of 50 of our Governors and even the President of the United States. The idea came from a missed opportunity to meet Civil War Veterans when he was much younger. Now with the help of his son and daughter and family, he is traveling to allow other people to meet a WWII Veteran face to face. This journey started back in 2018 and despite the current social distancing, Sidney is eager to get back out there and continue his important mission.


Sidney is one of America’s oldest WWII Veterans. At age 21 he enlisted in the Army to fight Hitler, nine months before America entered the war. He served in the China, Burma and India theater with the 34th Infantry, 8th Division and rose to the rank of Corporal. He returned to the United States 5 years later.


A couple weeks ago, while we were in downtown San Diego picking up dinner we happened to catch a glimpse of Sidney’s awesome vehicle. While we waited in the car Jackson spotted it and asked what it was. After checking out Sidney’s website and finding out about his amazing mission, Jackson had the idea that maybe we could help to raise money to keep Sidney moving on his journey. With the idea firmly in his mind we started to share more and more about WWII with Jackson which led to him coming up with his own version of the poppy flower. The poppy is an enduring symbol of remembrance stemming from the First World War and has become a symbol of Veterans world wide. We are offering 200 of these stickers along with a smaller Chase sticker and a special hologram sticker of Jackson and Chase as well. $10 of each 3 pack will go directly to Sidney to continue his efforts. If you’re able to purchase a 3 pack we would be honored. We will post a link to Sidney’s website in our bio as well! Thank you Sidney for your service, thank you for getting out there and spreading awareness about our Greatest Generation, and for spreading smiles! Be Safe!