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This design came together with the help of Jackson and Chase. The use of these symbols is evident across many applications in military and civilian realms and even historically. The lightning bolt is a symbol of illumination and the destruction of ignorance. It has also been noted as a symbol of liberating the soul. The knife signifies sacrifice and liberation, protection and cutting the ties of ignorance. The two together embody Jackson & Chase to me. Jackson has grown up knowing he is Autistic and we celebrate that as a family. We try through him to show the world a positive facet of living life on the spectrum while hopefully severing people’s ideas that stem from ignorance and stereotypes. Through his journey and growth with we feel he is illuminating what often isn’t seen; a child with a disability and a service dog thriving. As for the knife, it too holds a strong meaning for us. Cutting ties from therapists who told us this or that wouldn’t be possible for someone on the spectrum, cutting ties of all the nay sayers who just don’t get it; cutting away the negative images that so often having a disability brings. Where it pertains to symbolizing liberation and protection we feel it represents Chase well. Often times in our more staged photos, Chase can be found holding a kabar in his mouth, ever ready like his kiddo to take on whatever comes his way. Chase has given Jackson the confidence to go boldly into the world and get out there and do. He is the ever present force that gives Jackson freedom to be himself while being ever vigilant over him. The use of skulls - aside from looking cool - is a representation of the unattainable; immortality. There will come a time when Chase won’t be here anymore but here and now in fulfilling his purpose of a service dog to Jackson and in everything he has given to our son, he will always live forever. The kindness and compassion and love these two give freely to others may not change the world, but we hope it is unending. This design was eloquently brought to life by the one and only @gypsywalters We hope that when you wear it that you too, go boldly into the world with a love for life and kindness infused in all you do.
This shirt feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women. 100% combed and ring-spun cotton, pre-shrunk fabric.

Service Dog Chase with Gypsy Walters Collab YOUTH

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