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This is it friends; The Heart of Gold! As with all of our stickers, the designs are meaningful to us and we hope they represent a portion of Jackson’s and Chase’s story. We are firm believers in animals know LOVE. They give it freely, even the ones who have not always been the recipient of human love. All animals, to us anyway, have a heart of gold. Working dogs don’t always outwardly wear their hearts on their sleeves - or collars for that matter - but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a heart pure and true for service. This sticker is for them. For the K9s who serve their communities, our military, that protect us, that help people with disabilities, the hardest working good boys and girls who know nothing but service.  Whether you’re a handler of a K9 or you just love the amazing ways canines serve their human counterparts, we hope this sticker will always remind you of the amazing hearts of gold they each have beneath their coats.

Heart of Gold Sticker

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